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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Preparing To Go

It is barely the end of June, and though Zooey Rose is not due until the end of August, it looks like I will be traveling out to be with my daughter fairly soon. In the meantime, the other daughter needs to be collected from Chicago so that she can travel along, and won't it be fun to have all my girls in one place? It just occurred to me this morning that all three of my daughters will be there for the birth of my granddaughter. So we will have three generations together to welcome Zooey into the world, then shortly after the birth, the plan is for my mother-in-law to join us, so then we will have four! It would have been five, but great-grandmother Mercado passed away just a couple of weeks ago and she was the last of the great grandparents. We were all saddened by her death and I think it hurt Mali the most because she was so hoping to be able to share the new baby with great-grandma.

Yesterday was an insanely chaotic day for us. Brandon was in a car accident early in the morning which set the tone for the day. Fortunately he wasn't hurt and for that we are grateful. But nothing about the day went as planned and too many tempers flared and there are a lot of hurt feelings smoldering. The cap to the evening was a call from Geri. She was having a rough night and not getting along with her dad. It is always so hard to be so far away when something like that happens, because you can't just go get the kid and tuck them in you know?

As grace would have it though, some good shines through. We were so thrilled that the preliminary tests for Dawnita and Paul's new baby were positive. We are all pulling for little Leanna Dawn! Thank goodness she looks healthy despite the earlier worries!

I am feeling more than a little homesick today. Who ever would have thought I would miss Oklahoma so much? But it isn't really the place so much as the people we miss. I've been thinking a lot about Lissa and missing her very straightforward ways. I sure hope we can work out a get together soon!


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