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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Buzzzzzzzz

I have been keeping myself very busy of late. This quilt is entitled Beeeee-Cuz of Zooey. It is for my grand-daughter who is due August 27th. This is a photo of the top before quilting, but the quilt is actually finished! The best part about it is this quilt top was made entirely out of scraps! Many of these scraps were donated by members of StashBuilders. Thanks ladies and gents! I strip pieced and hand appliqued the bees and forced myself to do a hand turned binding. It turned out very nicely. I just hope Mali and baby Zooey like it as much as I do.

I have also submitted my annual offering to the New Yorker. Think 2006 will beeeeee my year?

I've written a new and hopefully improved query letter for Legacy of Silence. I have chosen an agency to query after much research. There are a lot of agents out there who say they represent mainstream/contemporary fiction as well as family sagas. There are plenty who are not being dissed on Predators and Editors too (this one is not) so, in the end it came down to having met a man who is represented by this agency and him telling me that they made a difference for him. We met briefly at a writing conference a year ago and I don't feel like I can drop his name, so I am hoping that the letter is compelling enough. Wish me luck!

I find myself red faced with shame at the fact that I am intrigued by the hype over the Da Vinci Code movie. I don't usually care for media frenzy and find it a waste of time. But this one holds my attention. I just don't get the fuss. I read the book a while back. It did nothing to anger me or upset my faith. If anything, it got me thinking about things and in the end strengthened my beliefs. I wish people would get themselves in a check a bit and remember that when push comes to shove it is fiction. Take the advice of Robert Langdon, "what truly matters, is what you believe" (as spoken by Tom Hanks at the end of the movie, not in the book).

In terms of a review though, for anyone who is interested, if you haven't read the book but plan too, see the movie first. I think the movie was better than the critics are giving it credit for. Though it was not Tom Hank's best performance, Ian McKellen was wonderful and I think could easily be up for a best supporting actor nod. He suspended disbelief enough that this avid reader put down her list and didn't care that he was niether red headed nor portly, it didn't matter, he was fantastic. There were a few plot changes/additions that I didn't care for. James really was not happy with the secret group of vatican officials plotting together. he felt it was unecessarry and made the church look worse than the book. That particular change didn't bug me though. Can't wait to hear what others think of it. The whole concept definitely spawns a desire to chit chat about it.