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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oh The Irony!

Isn’t it ironic that after 10 years living in Oklahoma, we move to Kentucky and my son lands a key role in the local production of “Oklahoma”? For years, we thought of Oklahoma as the “red dirt prison” and dreamed of escaping. Now we sit talking about how if we were to win the lotto jackpot, the first thing we would do is move back to Oklahoma! Not because we don’t like Kentucky. In fact, we love Kentucky. But we really miss long term friends, people with whom we have a history. Even though we have family here, we don’t really know the family that well. The friends we left behind have been our family and now we really feel the lack of them in our lives. It has been such fun watching the performances of the play. Though it is set a hundred years ago, so many Oklahoman’s, particularly the men, still dress the same, and talk the same. It’s as if time stood still in some ways. It's left us all wistful and nostalgic. Here is a photo. Brandon is playing the Persian Peddler, Ali Hakim!


  • At 5:06 AM, Anonymous Brenda Minor said…

    Hi there. Being an Oklahoma born "Zonie", I had to comment on this blog entry. BECAUSE I KNOW EXACTLY how you feel. My parents brought us kids (3 of us) out to Arizona in 1966. My parents divorced in '69 and my father returned to Oklahoma; my mother stayed here. I've longed to return to Oklahoma for many years. I spent my summers there...with my maternal grandparents. So I was able to get to know them and to know Oklahoma and the people a lttle bit better. I feel like I've been robbed in some ways. We are part Native Americans--Cherokee and Choctaw. My generation was the first to be born away from the Choctaw Nation. I have missed out on knowing more about that culture and the people as well. I often feel that at least I get a newspaper every month and a calendar every year (for being a tribal member with the Choctaws). They publish lots of photos of Oklahoma and the pictures always make me feel good... And make me wish I was back there to enjoy Oklahoma for real. I saw the movie "Oklahoma" on TV and was definately reminded of home. And of the people. I believe they really captured that special something that exist in most Okies I've ever encountered. My husband once traveled to Germany and said the people were wonderful---generous, kind, and very friendly. That's how I feel about the folks I've encountered there. Ohhh I know that there are those who have there bad days there too. And there's always a bad element.... But for the most part, my experiences have mostly been good ones. I hear Kentucky is a beautiful place and have a Okie cousin living over there...somewhere. It's probably more like home...than Arizona is! Out here, it's dry and hot as the dickens. I always love the Springtime, but it's always very short. When the temps exceed 80 degrees, it starts feeling like summer is here. The one benefit of a Zonie summer---the lack of humidity. You're hot...but not ususally sticky!! During th occasions when I've told my family that I wanted to live in the country, in Oklahoma---my folks have told me that I wouldn't be happy. I think they're very wrong. I think it's exactly where I should be...and belong! The fast pace of a large city doesn't agree with me. Nor does the poor attitudes that it produces in others. Slowing down sounds really good to me. Getting to know the local town folks sounds good too. Participating in a local church, the occasional ice creas social, or county fair competions sounds like a lot of fun to me. Like I told my mother.... As long as I had good transportation and good get into town when I need to...and wanted to... I'd be a pretty happy camper. BUT! My husband and daughter do not share my sentiments. My husband DOESN'T want to move there. And my daughter.... isn't crazy about the idea. Not unless we inherit Granny's house, she tells me. For that, she says she'd move back there. It would be foolish not to! My Grandpa died in 1989 and that's how long it's been since I was in Oklahoma City and that area; my paternal grandmother passed in 1997 and I attended her funeral in Tipton, Oklahoma. And that was the last time I was there. I miss my folks.... the countryside.... all of it.

  • At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Dawnita said…

    Ronii, You silly girl... I miss you so much. Crochet and crafty things will never be the same without you here in OK. The weather has been so terribly dry since you left and I have such a desire for blooming things needing lots of water! I've been reading the Anne of Grean Gables set by LM Montgumery, thinking of you through every dream and fairy episode. Oklahoma misses you too...


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