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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oh The Irony!

Isn’t it ironic that after 10 years living in Oklahoma, we move to Kentucky and my son lands a key role in the local production of “Oklahoma”? For years, we thought of Oklahoma as the “red dirt prison” and dreamed of escaping. Now we sit talking about how if we were to win the lotto jackpot, the first thing we would do is move back to Oklahoma! Not because we don’t like Kentucky. In fact, we love Kentucky. But we really miss long term friends, people with whom we have a history. Even though we have family here, we don’t really know the family that well. The friends we left behind have been our family and now we really feel the lack of them in our lives. It has been such fun watching the performances of the play. Though it is set a hundred years ago, so many Oklahoman’s, particularly the men, still dress the same, and talk the same. It’s as if time stood still in some ways. It's left us all wistful and nostalgic. Here is a photo. Brandon is playing the Persian Peddler, Ali Hakim!