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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Grandmother Moon

Well, I must give my eldest daughter credit for her classiness. A package arrived in the mail bearing a lovely bottle of wine and instructions to call her. I did and she told me her exciting news! How has it come to pass that I am soon to be a grandmother? I certainly don't feel like a grandmother. But I am excited about the baby to be.

My new year is off and moving. I am up to my ears in craft making for the upcoming expo and I am working on my health issues. I have lost another 4 pounds since the holiday and that is very encouraging. I have been thinking a lot about my latest novel and I am inching toward finishing up the fine tuning and sending out queries. So there is plenty to do on any given day, just the same, I spent the past couple of days cleaning house. It is amazing how much dirt and clutter built up while the kids were home from school and all.

This one is just the facts I guess, but there it is. Hope it finds you all well.


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