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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just In Time

Well, today I recieved an envelope in the mail. It was of course a dreaded, self adressed deal which is always a bearer of bad news. Another rejection, just in time for new years.

This time it was from a publishing house, rejecting, without any comment, my novel Legacy of Silence. On the one hand I know I have not tried hard enough. I have only sent it to 3 agents and this one publisher. But on the other, part of me feels like burning the manuscript, erasing the files and stomping my jump drive to bits, obliterating the humiliating proof that I slaved over this "novel". I haven't come to any firm decisions. But those are the things that come to mind. 2005 has been a ver sad and sorry year for my writing. I sold exactly one piece, a short story and then I lost the check and never got paid for it. A bad year indeed. Here is hoping that 2006 will be much, much better, for all of us.

I don't have one of those "current mood" tickers, but if I did, it would not have a smiley face right now.


  • At 10:15 PM, Anonymous Midnyte said…

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad news, I'm just about to start sending my stuff out to publishers offline again after many years absence and I expect to collect alot of rejection slips myself - perhaps we can be one another's shoulder to cry on.

    Regardless, don't give up hope and keep the faith.

  • At 1:55 AM, Blogger Schuyler Thorpe said…

    You know, publishing is a lot like a two-way street: Sometimes it can be a pleasant walk on a sunny day, and others, it can be stormy, miserable, and full of crap.

    The one thing thing you have to understand is that the industry isn't focused on the ART of writing. They are more so for the money. The almighty dollar.

    They could care less if it was written by someone with the heart of a poet, or someone who simply writes--penning words onto paper.

    But without ANY connection to the market, any link to the mainstream, your book (like mine), are essentially a dead stick to the Big Guns.

    They want books that will sell, by people who are essentially mindless little 'bots, who will do what THEY (the publisher wants).

    Now, I haven't read your piece, but sounds to me like you've put something wonderful together for someone to read.

    But if you're a nobody with zilch for publishing credits, none of the agents or publishers will touch you with a ten-foot taser rod.

    My advice to you is this: Keep plugging away at the agents and publishers for two more years.

    Keep sending out new material as well. Gather around yourself as much promotional exposure in the meantime.

    If you haven't found a publisher by then, come and see ME.

    I plan on starting up a small press/indie company, and I could certainly use some new authors who don't write for the mainstream.

    It sounds like you've done a lot for yourself as a writer, and all you need is a break. Something which will give you that much needed lift and a boost in moral.

    Now, I can't promise you the moon, the stars, or that Hollywood star, but I can promise you a home for your work--if you're willing to take a chance.

    No, this isn't a scam, but more to the point, an OFFER for an idea I am working on right now.

    It's going to take me just a bit longer to put things into play, but in the long run, things should be up and running soon.

    The idea itself is to establish a small community of published authors through an intergrated network; first by starting off small, and eventually working our way up.

    I must also point out that being published by a small and independent press doesn't mean you'll be off to a lifestyle from rags to riches (an actual myth in one recent internet article I ran across), not does it mean you'll be recognized by a traditional publisher and taken off my hands.

    But considering all the hell you've been through in the last year, ask yourself this: Why would I want to give up complete control of my books to someone else, just to start OVER again?

    Think about it and contact me at the appropriate time if (and when) you're ready.

    Take care.



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