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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just The Facts~An Update

It has been a busy time. Though we had decided to stay put in favor of James’ job, opportunities have come up that have made us reconsider. We have wanted to leave the flat lands for so long and now, after ten years here, plans are in place and we are set to move. Our destination is Hopkinsville Kentucky, a much greener place, near family, mountains and water. Everyone in the household is really excited about the upcoming move.

On the creative front, I was the presenter at the recent Writer’s of the Purple Sage meeting. The afternoon was very fun and informative for me. I think those in attendance enjoyed themselves. I certainly enjoyed giving the presentation and answering their questions. They are such a fun and outgoing group and I learned quite a bit at the business portion of the meeting, about, of all things, Bats and local geography. You never know what you will learn when you get a group of writers together!

I have received a rejection from Tor/Forge on my novel. No feedback at all, just a form rejection. The manuscript was folded in several places and had the look of having been well handled with smudges and creases throughout, so I do think they took the time to read it, maybe more than one person even. I am not letting it discourage me. It is still under consideration at another house and I have several other presses listed to try once I get the move behind me.

Our family is currently in a state of grief regarding our beloved cat Shadow. She had a long life and we have many great memories of her. She’s been with us longer than several of our kids. Watching her get sick was very painful for all and though we know she is pain free now, losing her has been a huge loss for all of us.