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Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Mom Moment with My Muse

Despite great efforts at procrastination I finally got the fire going in my mind and got busy with Mabel's Grave. My son Jackson has really been an inspiration to me, or at least a fabulous cheerleader. He is the first person I shared my inspiration with on this novel and he was so excited about he made me promise to let him read it as it was written. Well, I didn't exactly promise, because I don't really like to show my work to family and friends. Every writer knows that family members are the worst possible critique partners, they either love everything you do because they are family, or they are overly critical. There is just no objectivity.

So he has accepted my position of hermited recluse and has been patiently awaiting the completion and eventual publication of my little tale of horrors. I have been struggling with the manuscript though, and so I sat down with him tonight and had a chat about the kinds of things he likes in books, what traits he likes to see in heros and heroines, how fast he likes the pace and how he likes to be fed the back story. This was all very interesting research for me and it helped me solidify some key points in my mind.

So Jackson is my muse. With his insights he is midwifing this particular tale and when it is done it will by all means be dedicated to the wide eyed boy with much love and appreciation.


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