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Thursday, May 26, 2005

SUCCESS and setback

What a day today has been. Finally heard back from the agent I met at the conference. She was very polite, but passed on representing Legacy of Silence. Though I did not feel any report with her in person, it still smarts a bit to be rejected. So in my post rejection frenzy, I have prepared three queries and two submission packages on LOS, and also a query on Mabel's Grave.

I also looked about for electronic markets, anything that doesn't require a stamp. Read, my postage bills have become unjustifiable. I sent off several electronic submissions. One of which, Phaedra Magazine, responded in less than four hours with an offer to purchase In Fear of Addy for their July issue. I am sure to become a devoted fan, as I have to every magazine that has published my work. I am blog code illiterate (read don't know how to add links) but here is the url, .

Packets go out tomorrow, several other agents are being queried and publishing houses too. Sooner or later someone will recognize potential right?


  • At 11:59 AM, Blogger freddy said…

    It is a success to have completed a work of art - something with which many artists tend to struggle. I am certain that it will find the right home and the right audience! Stay positive! xo


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