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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Counting Down

In just seven days I will be attending the Oklahoma Writer's Federation Conference where I am hoping to make some contacts that will lead to representation for "Legacy of Silence". I wonder how many others feel the kind of pressure I am feeling about the whole thing? I have friends who talk about relaxing and having fun, but this is business to me. I have carefully chosen every outfit down to the last accessory, practiced my tag lines and polished my manuscripts. I've even found the motivation to lose 15 pounds. Maybe I am making too much of it, but if I don't take my work seriously who will?

On another front I guess I better get off my rear and get some submissions ready for the Arkansas contests. I challenged dear friend Robyn to enter (and win) and since she is following through, that outs me on the hot seat doesn't it? So I think I am going to enter the essay contest. The topic is "A Family Member Who Impacted Your Life". Last year I entered an essay on Fatherhood and won second place with "The Velveteen Daddy". The win surprised me because I think they were looking for essays about "Leave it to Beaver" type dads and my essay had none of that. This made the win feel that much better. It had to be the writing. Of course last year I had the advantage of the wise eyes of friend Hambil who could edit every bit as well as the pros. He has fallen ill and is not up to that task this time around, so we'll see how I do all on my lonesome. I'll keep you all updated when the word comes in on the winners.


  • At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Sue Mc said…

    Dear Ronii, I enjoyed reading your posts. As I suspected, you are an interesting person! I look forward to getting to know you better at the writer's conference next week. Onward and upward, let's get our novels published. Sue


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